Inside Education wants to help bring energy and climate education to your school!

The Elementary Energy Expo is a station-based program designed to introduce students to curriculum-linked energy, electricity, climate and stewardship topics in a hands-on way. 

We have natural resource samples, solar demonstrations, energy meters, virtual reality goggles and more! 
The Elementary Energy Expo is designed to accommodate multiple classes ranging from grades 4-6.
Groups of 4-6 students circulate between the energy expo stations. 

We have 10 stations, 40-60 students (1 or 2 classes) can be accommodated at one time. Each station features inquiry questions, hands-on components, and critical thinking! 

We are flexible on the format for the day and will work within your bell schedule and space. 

Natural Resource Grab Bag - What are renewable and non-renewable resources?   

Natural Region Map - Where are Alberta’s natural resources found?

The Power Play - How do we get electricity from a natural resource? 

Watt’s Up Energy Meters - How much electricity do different devices use?  

Map of Canada - What natural resources do we use to generate electricity across Canada? 

Hand Crank Generator & Electricity Poster - How much energy does it take to turn on a lightbulb? What can we do in our homes to conserve electricity? 

Renewable Energy - How is renewable energy used in Alberta?

Careers in Energy (VR Goggles) - What does a day of work look like at an oil/gas site? 

Energy Moves Board Game - What steps are involved in setting up an energy project?

Eye Spy a Steward & CARE Kit - What’s my role as a climate steward? How can I reduce my energy use?

Here is an example of what’s possible:

Here is an example of what’s possible:

8:30 | Inside Education arrives and sets up in the gym, learning commons or large classroom
9:00-10:00 | Grade 4’s circulate through stations
10:00-11:00 |  Grade 5’s circulate through stations
11:00-12:00 | Grade 6’s circulate through stations

The best part is just like all of our programs, our Energy Expo is available at no-cost to you!

Inside Education’s work brings us to all corners of the province, as such, we acknowledge the Indigenous people who lived among and traveled through the land in the area currently known as Alberta. The relationship the Peoples of Treaty 6, Treaty 7, and Treaty 8 and Alberta’s Métis people have with the land is founded on a deep respect for the environment. This connection forms the foundation of our personal responsibility for the stewardship of our natural resources, a connection Inside Education strives to foster among students and teachers through our diverse programming. Inside Education is a registered charity #101894319RR0001

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