Field Trip FAQs
Directions to the Boreal Wetlands Centre

Inside Education is pleased to offer a unique field trip experience at the Boreal Wetlands Centre at Evergreen Park in Grande Prairie.

This half day, curriculum-linked field study provides and exceptional outdoor learning experience for Grades 4-12. The Boreal Wetlands Centre is a 14-acre plot of boreal forest located 3 km south of Grande Prairie that showcases various techniques and technologies for natural resource development in the area.

  • This field trip is no-cost and runs onsite from 9:30-11:30am or 12:30-2:30pm.
  • The field site operates May & June / September & October 
  • A $100/bus busing subsidy is also available, see our busing subsidy policy for details
Program Themes

Land use and multiple perspectives | natural resource development (including oil & gas, forestry, and renewable energy) | best practices and innovations | careers | stewardship

Available Programs

Grade 4 

Explore the living cycle of the forest by studying plants, how they grow and the role of decomposition. Students will consider the forest as a natural resource and discover how people connect with local forests.  

Curriculum Connections:

  • Plant Growth and Changes
  • Waste in Our World
  • Alberta: A Sense of the Land


Grade 6 

Connect with the forest by examining the natural and human factors that shape the forest landscape. Students will identify our forest plants, and use real forestry tools to explore careers.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Trees and Forests
  • Evidence and Investigations


Junior High 

Uncover the interactions in our forest ecosystems by exploring its symbiotic relationships, succession system, and soils along with traditional and modern human uses of our plants and natural resources.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Gr 7 | Plants for Food and Fibre
  • Interactions and Ecosystems


This new program will utilize our on-site wildlife cameras to consider how species move and interact in the forest with an emphasis on species at risk and natural development. 

Curriculum Connections:

  • Environment & Outdoor Education
  • Gr. 7 |  Interactions and Ecosystems
  • Gr. 9 |  Biological Diversity


Senior High

Compare old growth and new growth forests through a comprehensive plot study and explore the opportunities and challenges of a multi-use forest area.

Curriculum Connections:

  • CTS – Natural Resources – Forestry/Wildlife
  • Environment & Outdoor Education
  • Biology 20/30 Changes in Living Systems
  • Ecosystems and Population Change

Contact program coordinator Terri Murray with any questions.

Please inquire if you would like more detail or have a special program request!

Inside Education’s work brings us to all corners of the province, as such, we acknowledge the Indigenous Peoples in the area currently known as Alberta. The relationship the Peoples of Treaty 6, Treaty 7, and Treaty 8 and Alberta’s M├ętis Peoples have with the land is founded on a deep respect for the environment. This connection forms the foundation of our personal responsibility for stewardship of the environment, a connection Inside Education strives to foster among students and teachers through our diverse programming. Inside Education is a registered charity #101894319RR0001

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