Hands-on air quality and climate monitoring program that empowers climate action!

The Clean Air Responsible Schools (C.A.R.S.) Air Quality Monitoring Program aims to develop an understanding of air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change, with an emphasis on science data collection and personal action. This program will engage students and empower them to be the agents of change for GHG reductions at your school by collecting meaningful data with your very own air quality sensor!

The C.A.R.S. program includes:

  • Classroom air monitoring instruction tailored to your grade level
  • Use of the Temboo air quality monitor to collect information on air pollutants, temperature, so students can see the effects of inversions, smoky skies, increases in school traffic, and more!
  • Support implementing an education action project to improve air quality around the school (ie: idle-free campaign, carpool zones, tree planting project, etc.)

For more information about this program, please contact project coordinator Braeden Elenko.

Curriculum Extensions

This program is suitable for Grades 5-12 with strong curricular connections to Grade 5 Science, Grade 6 Science (New Curriculum), Grade 9 Environmental Chemistry, and Science 30 and ideal for any lessons that teach scientific data collection and interpretation.

  • Grade 5 Science (Previous Curriculum) - Weather Watch
  • Grade 5 Science (Previous Curriculum) - Classroom Chemistry
  • Grade 5 Science (New Curriculum) - Earth Systems
  • Grade 5 Social Studies (New Curriculum) - Geographic Representations of Canada
  • Grade 6 Science (New Curriculum) - Earth Systems

  • Grade 7 Science - Interactions and Ecosystems
  • Grade 8 Science - Mix and Flow of Matter
  • Grade 9 Science - Environmental Chemistry
  • Science 10 - Energy Flow in Global Systems
  • Science 24 - Applications of Matter and Chemical Change
  • Science 24 - Disease Defence and Human Health
  • Science 30 - Chemistry and the Environment

Contact program coordinator Braeden Elenko with any questions.

Please inquire if you would like more information

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