Inside Education and Change for Climate Edmonton want to bring climate change awareness, mitigation, and adaptation education to your classrooms as a part of the City of Edmonton’s Climate Prepared Schools project!

Edmonton’s Climate Expo is a hands-on station-based program designed to introduce students to curriculum-linked climate and community stewardship topics.

We have climate monitoring tools, renewable energy demos, plant samples, and more! The Edmonton Climate Expo can accommodate multiple classes ranging from Grades 5-6 throughout one day. Ideally, we can set up in a spacious common area (i.e. gym, library, Learning Commons, etc.) and have each class come by for an hour. An Inside Education facilitator will set up the Expo and lead an engaging introduction, and groups of 3-4 students will circulate between the Expo stations. Each station features inquiry questions, hands-on components, and critical thinking! 

Please Note: This program is currently only available to schools within the City of Edmonton

Curriculum Connections

Grade 5 Science 

  • Guiding Question: How are energy resources understood?
  • Guiding Question: How are climate and its effects understood?

Grade 6 Science

  • Guiding Question: How are energy resources used?
  • Guiding Question: What relationships exist between climate and changes on earth?

Climate Monitoring - What is climate change and what tools can we use to measure it?

Renewable Energy - How is renewable energy used in Alberta?

Watt’s Up Energy Meters - How much electricity do our devices use? How can we use less energy in our everyday lives?

Waste & Water Stewardship - How can we conserve water resources in our daily lives? How does waste management and overconsumption impact climate change?

Climate Prepared YEG Poster Scavenger Hunt - How can we work together as a community to lessen our environmental impact while preparing for climate change?

Plant Identification - What are the many uses of plants under changing climate conditions

Home Retrofits - How can we modify our homes to save energy and live comfortably in the face of potential climate change impacts like forest fires, drought, and extreme weather?

Inside Education’s work brings us to all corners of the province, as such, we acknowledge the Indigenous Peoples in the area currently known as Alberta. The relationship the Peoples of Treaty 6, Treaty 7, and Treaty 8 and Alberta’s M├ętis Peoples have with the land is founded on a deep respect for the environment. This connection forms the foundation of our personal responsibility for stewardship of the environment, a connection Inside Education strives to foster among students and teachers through our diverse programming. Inside Education is a registered charity #101894319RR0001

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