This two part activity challenges students to identify the sources of air pollution in their neighbourhood and design a ’dream neighbourhood’ that minimizes air pollution. Part 1 is an air quality scavenger hunt that takes students on a 30 minute walk around their community searching for human activities that influence air quality. Part 2 has them use that knowledge to create a healthy air community of their own.

  • Learn the difference between a pollutant ’source’ and ’sink’.
  • Design a ’dream neighbourhood’ that minimizes air pollution.
  • Understand that air quality impacts human health.
  • Identify pollutant sources in their neighbourhood.
  • Learn actions they can take in their lives to improve air quality.

Part 1: Air Quality Scavenger Hunt

  • Student instruction sheet

Part 2: Air Quality Design Challenge

  • Student instruction sheet
  • Paper
  • Pens/markers/pencil crayons
Supporting Documents


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Air Quality Scavenger Hunt & Design Challenge (Teacher)

Air Quality Scavenger Hunt (Student)Air Quality & Design Challenge (Student)

Program of Study
  • Science
  • 60-90 mins
Curriculum Outcomes
  • Grade 5 Science - Weather Watch

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