Welcome to Inside Education’s Aquatic Ecosystems Tool Kit!

In this kit you will find everything that you need to bring your students outside for a study of a wetland or other aquatic ecosystem in your community!

The topics included are - Ecosystem Assessment, Aquatic Invertebrates, Water Chemistry, Aquatic Plants & Animals, Species At Risk & Aquatic Invasive Species, Aquatic Ecosystem Functions, Water Uses and Conservation.

Teachers can borrow the tool kit from the ATA resource library. If you don’t have a tool kit but want to explore aquatic ecosystems with your students, we encourage you to check out the teachers guide and activity pages below. 

Aquatic Ecosystem Teacher’s Guide

Activity 1 - Ecosystem Assessment
Ecosystem Assessment - Worksheet

Activity 2 - Aquatic Invertebrates

Activity 3 - Water Chemistry
Water Chemistry - WORKSHEET

Activity 4 - Aquatic Plants and Animals
Aquatic plants and animals - WORKSHEET

Activity 5 - Species At Risk & Aquatic Invasive Species
Species At Risk & Aquatic Invasive Species - WORKSHEET

Activity 6 -Aquatic Ecosystem Functions
Aquatic Ecosystem Functions - WORKSHEET 

Activity 7 -Water Uses and Conservation
Water Uses and Conservation - WORKSHEET

Program of Study
  • Science
Curriculum Outcomes
  • Grade 4 Social Studies - Alberta: A Sense of the Land
  • Grade 5 Science - Wetland Ecosystems
  • Grade 5 Social Studies - Physical Geography of Canada
  • Grade 7 Science - Interactions and Ecosystems
  • Grade 8 Science - Freshwater and Saltwater Systems
  • Grade 9 Science - Environmental Chemistry

Contact program coordinator Jayme Nelson with any questions.

Please inquire if you would like more information or have a special request!

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