In-person Program Description

Take your students on a critical thinking evaluation of electricity and get the big picture on generation and consumption. This unique 1.5-hour program will engage students in meaningful energy education through action. The program includes an interactive presentation and solar lantern building workshop.

  • Evaluate sources of energy and investigate electrical technologies
  • Develop a global energy perspective and think critically to solve electricity challenges
  • Work together to build solar lanterns

*Due to the number of solar lanterns available we suggest a maximum of 50 students per workshop.

Online Program Description

Take a deep dive into electricity! Learn about the natural resources used for electricity across Canada, the methods of electricity generation in Alberta, and the new and emerging renewable and alternative forms of energy that are changing the energy landscape. This presentation will encourage students to think critically about the environmental, social and economic costs and impacts of different forms of electricity generation. 

Curriculum Connections

  • Grade 9 Science – Electrical Principles & Technologies
  • STSE Emphasis (Science, Technology, Society, Environment)

Supporting Resources

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