In this fun video series, hosts Zoe and Eric take your students on field trips to the oil sands operations in Northern Alberta. Your students will learn what oil sand is, why it is important, how we get it out of the ground and how some of the challenges of extraction are being met.

Program of Study

Science, Social Studies, CTF

Curriculum Outcomes

Grade 4 Social Studies - Alberta, a Sense of the Land,
Grade 5 Social Studies - Physical Geography of Canada,
Grade 7 Science - Heat and Temperature
Grade 8 Science: Mix and Flow of Matter, Mechanical Systems
Grade 9 Science: Matter and Chemical Change, Environmental Chemistry
Grade 5-9 CTF

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Inside Education’s work brings us to all corners of the province, as such, we acknowledge the Indigenous Peoples in the area currently known as Alberta. The relationship the Peoples of Treaty 6, Treaty 7, and Treaty 8 and Alberta’s M├ętis Peoples have with the land is founded on a deep respect for the environment. This connection forms the foundation of our personal responsibility for stewardship of the environment, a connection Inside Education strives to foster among students and teachers through our diverse programming. Inside Education is a registered charity #101894319RR0001

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