Welcome to Inside Education’s Energy Innovation Poster!

Showcasing science, technology, stewardship, innovation and careers related to energy, this poster is designed to elevate energy education in the classroom and provide students with critical thinking opportunities. With topics focusing on renewable & alternative energy, fossil fuel innovations & clean fuels, you can use this poster to explore energy innovations with your students!

Guiding Questions:

  • Where does energy come from?
  • What are the science-technology-society-environment (STSE) connections related to energy’s use in our society?
  • Why is the energy landscape changing?
  • How is the energy landscape changing through technology and innovations? 
  • How can students be involved in Alberta’s energy future?

Major Themes:

  • Renewable & Alternative Energy
  • Fossil Fuel Innovations
  • Clean Fuels 

Download the poster to project in your class. Hard copy resources are distributed at teachers conventions and during Inside Education’s no-cost teacher professional development programs, youth summits and classroom programs.

Energy Innovation Poster (English)

Energy Innovation Poster (French)

Stay tuned for an accompanying Teacher’s Guide - coming in May 2024.

The Energy Innovation Poster was developed with Grades 7-12 students in mind but can be adapted to fit with a variety of science, social studies and environmental education topics that explore energy and natural resources. 

  • Grade 5 Science - Energy Resources (renewable vs non-renewable)
  • Grade 6 Science - Energy Resources (selecting energy resources, pre vs post processing, uses of energy)
  • Grade 7 Science Unit A: Interactions and Ecosystems, Unit C: Heat and Temperature
  • Grade 8 Science Unit D: Mechanical Systems
  • Grade 9 Science Unit C: Environmental Chemistry
  • Grade 9 Science Unit D: Electrical Principles and Technologies
  • Career & Technology Studies Cluster D: Natural Resources (NAT)

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