We support teachers & inspire students.

Simply put, this is our raison d’être! We give incredible teachers the means to venture far beyond their teaching objectives. We empower them to inspire and engage young stewards by incorporating environmental and natural resource education into their classrooms.

We believe it is essential to consider multiple perspectives.

It’s clear our society has become polarized about the issues that matter most. But there are more than two sides to a story. Our ability to balance a healthy environment with a productive economy demands a careful look at the range of values at play — the spectrum that lies between black and white.

Our unique programs immerse learners into the big picture, giving them a balanced look at key issues. We challenge everyone to become responsible citizens by understanding the science, technology, and issues that affect our world.

Our Mission

Supporting teachers and inspiring students to better understand the science, technology, and issues related to our environment and natural resources.

Our Vision

We envision future generations of engaged stewards who think critically about our environment and natural resources and their relationship with our economy and society.

Tell me and I’ll forget;
show me and I may remember;
involve me and I’ll understand.

– Chinese proverb

We believe firsthand experiences are invaluable

We believe in the power of experiential learning. Our professional development programs expose teachers to great adventures. It may be a raft trip down the Bow River, a dinner visit with an Aboriginal community, a helicopter ride over the majestic Boreal forest, or a tour to the heart of Alberta’s oil sands. We believe that a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to truly experience our natural world creates a lasting connection to it.

We believe in what we do.

We are a team of professionals dedicated to making a difference. This is the reason we come to work with a big smile on our faces every day. For 30 years now, we’ve been fuelled by our passion, connecting Canadian students and teachers to our natural world in a meaningful way.

Playing a role in fostering a new generation of stewards of our environment and natural resources is what truly excites us. We have formed strong partnerships with others that share our passion. If today’s students become informed and engaged leaders in tomorrow’s issues, able to make informed responsible decisions, we believe the world will be in good hands.

We believe in the potential of critical thinking.

It’s easy to simply be a critic.

Our inquiry-based programs challenge students to find creative solutions and become involved in shaping their own future. We believe in sparking curiosity in our next generation so they learn how to ask questions, make important connections and broaden their perspective of the world.

Our Awards

  • Canada’s WatersNext Finalist for Kathryn Wagner
  • Emerald Awards Finalist for our Demonstration Forest Education Network
  • Alberta Teacher’s Association Science Council Distinguished Service Award
  • North American Association for Environmental Education Outstanding Service to Environmental Education by an Organization

The Outstanding Service to Environmental Education by an Organization award is presented to organizations to recognize their efforts in promoting and providing environmental leadership at the local, regional, and global levels.

The organization receiving the award has made a significant contribution to environmental, and done one or more of the following:

Visible contributions in environmental education (e.g. research, innovations, curricula, legislation, publications, etc.)

Dedicated service in the field of environmental education

Outstanding environmental action, contribution, or stance by a person whose primary function is not environmental (e.g. a politician supportive of EE programs or legislation, etc.)

Excellence in reporting environmental issues for the purpose of educating the public, in print or electronic media (e.g. a writer; newspaper, radio, or television program that regularly gives space or time to present environmental information in such a way as to educate over a period of time; or any network, foundation, or entity that makes such reporting possible)


  • Water Canada Water’s Next Award for Leader in Water Collaboration for Navigate 2012
  • Alberta Venture Alberta’s Best Workplace for Working Parents
  • Alberta Emerald Awards Recipient of Public Education and Outreach Award for our Teacher Professional Development Programs
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  • ECO Canada Environmental Employer of the Year for our HR practices


  • Alberta Emerald Awards Finalist for Non-Formal Education Award for our Boreal Education Strategy
  • ECO Canada Finalist, Environmental Employer of the Year for our HR practices
  • Alberta Emerald Awards Recipient of Non-Formal Education Award for FEESA, An Environmental Education Society