Inside Education Youth Summits

All of Inside Education’s youth summits aim to provide experiential education to Alberta students. With nearly 10 years of experience delivering high quality summits we want to ensure you and your students to enjoy a safe, memorable and educational event. Below are some of the FAQ’s to help you in preparing for a great experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact Inside Education by email or phone 780-421-1497 regarding any of any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing your application for one or more of our upcoming summits!


  • Alberta Boreal Careers Summit (ABC)  – held annually in Lac La Biche in the spring or fall
  • S3 | Wood Buffalo Student Sustainability Summit  – held annually in Fort McMurray
  • A3 | Southern Alberta Awareness to Action Summit – held annually in Medicine Hat or Lethbridge
  • C3 | Calgary Climate Change Summit – held annually in Calgary
  • E3 | Edmonton Energy Efficiency  Summit – held annually in Edmonton
  • Provincial Youth Summits (Generate / Cultivate) Youth Leadership Summit – provincial scale summit held annually in March (please visit: / for more information)

General FAQs:

What are youth education summits?

Inside Education Youth Summits are 1-4 day experiential learning events for junior and senior high school students (and teachers). They are designed to explore natural resource and environmental topics including water, energy, careers, climate change and more!. Each program will encourage you and your students to think critically about development in the province while considering your role as citizens. You will also be provided with tools and inspiration to take action in your own school and community.

What will we be doing during the program?

The talented team at Inside Education works hard to put together a program that features hands-on experiential learning, multiple perspectives, and relevant content. Although each program is a little different you can expect a mixture of presentations, workshops, networking time and tours!

What can I look forward to?

Inside Education ensures a welcoming and fun learning environment. We hope you will be inspired by the people, places and perspectives that are shared on the program. As they say a picture says a thousand words so we encourage you to explore the Inside Education Photo Gallery to gain a sense of the experience on each of our most recent programs.

What should I bring?


• Small bag or backpack

• Casual clothes (best to be comfortable!)

• Outdoor gear (raincoat, mitts, layers, toque) – just in case

• Close-toed shoes and long pants for site tours – in some cases, participants have been turned away if they don’t have the proper attire!

• Water Bottle

• Pencil and a notebook

• Camera and/or mobile phone

• Personal items (medications etc.)

Is it really all-expenses-paid? That sounds too good to be true!

Both students and teachers will receive a full scholarship to attend. Registration, accommodations, meals, program transportation and tours are all covered. Please note: schools are responsible for getting themselves to and from the start location.

My school isn’t from the program location, can I still apply and what about travel to the program?

We want to encourage participation from schools across Alberta.

Travel arrangements to and from the program start location are the schools responsibility. Participating schools from outside of the program location can request a $0.15/km travel subsidy to offset travel costs. To request this subsidy please contact the program coordinator. Inside Education may also put schools coming from similar places in touch to encourage carpooling.

Where will we be staying during the program?

Program delegates that are from the area will be returning home at the end of each program day, unless otherwise specified.

Some of our multi-day youth summits include overnight accommodations, and those will be provided by Inside Education and our partners.

Teacher FAQs:

What about covering my classes while I'm gone?

If necessary, each attending teacher may apply for a maximum $150 subsidy per program day toward the cost of a substitute teacher. It is the responsibility of the school to make substitute teacher arrangements. Please review Inside Education’s supply teacher subsidy policy for more details. 

What is expected of teachers during the event?

Your main role is to help students make the most of their experience and learn alongside them. The lead teacher will be the primary connection to Inside Education. The students will be under your supervision and are ultimately your responsibility.  There is no need to worry because we have a jam-packed program to keep them busy. Of course, safety is a priority. Check out the safety section below for more details.  

What steps have been taken to ensure student safety during the program?

We are committed to ensuring a safe environment for all program participants.   

Emergency Contacts:

  • The supervising teacher from each school will provide a contact cell phone number and be accessible throughout the program.
  • Inside Education – 1-888-421-1497. The program staff will make their cell phone available on the first day of the program. 
  • In the event of an emergency please contact 9-1-1

Program staff: 

Inside Education program staff each have current standard first aid and CPR certification, and have passed a criminal records background check. There will be a first aid kit accessible by program staff and others at all time. Inside Education staff will be recognizable throughout the summit by wearing Inside Education logos.

Travel Considerations:

  • Travel to and from the summit is the responsibility of the school. 
  • Check the road report – 1-877-AMA-HWYS (1-877-262-4997) and adjust your driving to the road conditions.
  • Carry a cell phone.
  • Carry an emergency kit including blankets, shovel, booster cables, snacks, and water.
  • Carry a current map and stay on main roadways.
  • Ensure someone knows your route; tell them when you plan to arrive and check in when you get there.
  • Ensure your vehicle is in good repair and has had a safety inspection.

Other Considerations:

Free time:
Any activities or use of hotel facilities will be at the discretion of the supervising teacher(s).

For those programs that include overnight accommodation, Inside Education reserves a block of rooms at the hotel. Student rooms will be assigned, with your help, based on double occupancy. Your confirmation form will include the necessary fields for rooming lists. Teachers often stay on their own or with another teacher.

Behaviour expectations:
Program delegates are representing their schools and communities, and are expected to maintain the standards of behaviour set forth by their school and their supervising teacher(s). Delegates will be further expected to adhere to all school division policies with respect to the use of alcohol and drugs.