School & District Professional Development

Choose from one of the sessions below or work with us to plan a special event for your PD day!

Inside Education wants to take part in your professional development and host half-day workshops, hour-long sessions, or online presentations related to any of our natural resource and environment topics!
All of our programs are available at no-cost and available province-wide

Check out our workshops below, or contact us to discuss designing a session that best fits your needs.

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An Introduction to Inside Education

Programs and resources to inspire you and your students

Join Inside Education for this lively workshop that will energize your teaching, enhance your lessons and inspire your students. We will explore issues related to Alberta’s natural resources, their development, and their role in our future. Discover teaching resources, youth summits, class and field programming, and full-scholarship professional development to engage you and your students, Alberta’s future stewards, in the opportunities and challenges related to our environment and natural resources.
Ideal for divisions II-IV.

Agriculture Education for the Next Generation of Stewards

Grow agriculture education at your school

We will explore how agriculture connects land, water, food, and people to form the basis for endless learning. We will demonstrate how incorporating agriculture into your lessons can liven up your classroom with real-world examples of science, technology, innovation, and stewardship.
Inside Education will guide you through several approaches and best practices to agriculture education with classroom activities, project ideas, and access to no-cost resources including learning gardens and project grants.
Ideal for divisions II-IV.

Forest Findings

Spruce up your lessons using the forest as your guide

Join Inside Education in this exciting workshop that will teach you how to engage students in meaningful environmental education, in and out of the classroom.  Learn how to use Alberta’s forests as a jumping-off point for student inquiry, citizen science, environmental action projects, place-based learning, and cross-curricular exploration.
Inside Education will guide you through ways that you can bring the forest into the classroom, as well as our own best practices for connecting outdoor experiences to the program of studies. We will demonstrate activities, tools, and lessons that feature tree measurements, habitat assessments, forestry practices, land use, and more!

Creating Energy Education Experiences in your Classroom

Energize your lessons!

This interactive presentation will inspire you to bring energy topics to the forefront of your lessons to ensure that students have the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to be informed stewards of our energy resources. We will share best practices to make learning about energy in Alberta while emphasizing critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity in your students.
Inside Education will guide you through how to build your own energy education tool kit, demonstrate and share a successful framework implementing energy and environmental action projects, and give you tons of ideas and resources!

Make a splash in your class!

Meaningful Water Education and Action Projects

Dive into content that will guide you on successful strategies that engage students in meaningful environmental education. From Kindergarten to Grade 12, the Alberta Program of Studies is full of ways to connect to water topics in your classroom. Learn how to use water and your local watershed as a launch point for student inquiry, citizen science, wetlands education, critical thinking, environmental action projects, and more.
Inside Education will guide you through how to build your own aquatic sampling kit, demonstrate and share a successful framework implementing water-based environmental action projects, and give you tons of ideas and resources you can use to make waves on Monday morning!

Beyond the Blue Bin

Climate Change Education

Climate change can resonate with every student, grade level, and subject. This cross-curricular session will help you use climate change education to empower the 21st Century Learner. We will showcase student-centered environmental leadership and action initiatives from across the province, and discuss how to implement engaging curriculum-connected projects in your classroom (and school!).
Inside Education is here to support you from start to finish with our full suite of no-cost teaching resources, youth summits, student programs, and full-scholarship professional development that are designed to support you and inspire your students.
Div II-IV and all subjects welcome!