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Summer is here! We want to wish teachers, students and their families a wonderful vacation or staycation, full of opportunities to discover the natural resources in Alberta’s big backyard. Even better, we have an experiential learning challenge for you!

Alberta’s Natural Resource – Summer Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Solar ConcentratorElectricity Generation
From the wind turbines in Pincher Creek > to the solar concentrator in Medicine Hat > to the wood waste biomass facility in Whitecourt …

Can you visit a place were electricity is being generated from renewable resources?


  • For more on how the sun, wind, water and trees can be used to make electricity, see our updated Electricity Poster kit.

Alberta’s Watersheds
There are 7 major watersheds in our beautiful province. Can you cool off this summer by dipping your toes into lakes and rivers found in any of them? Explore the watersheds of Alberta on this map then get out there and have fun!

  • We are excited to share our upcoming youth summit with high school students and teachers! Save the date for Navigate 2016.

Protected Wildlife
Grizzly Bears, Woodland Caribou and Northern Leopard Frogs are just a few of the species at risk in Alberta. Can you find evidence of wildlife being protected in our province? Look for bear safe garbage bins, caribou crossings and wetland conservation areas.

Kids DesLodgepole Pine
Alberta’s provincial tree is the Lodgepole Pine, a tall conifer with a straight, self- pruning trunk.

If you find yourself in the Rocky Mountains or Foothills, can you find a Lodgepole Pine cone?

The cones are sealed with resin but with a little heat, they release their seeds. Try popping a cone into the microwave for 1 min. on high and see if it opens!


Net Zero Buildings
Where we live, work and study, there are net zero buildings popping up all over Alberta. As we find ways to reduce our energy and water demands and improve overall efficiency, we can limit our impact on the environment. Can you tour a net zero building in your community this summer?

Fossil Fuel History
Traveling around Alberta, you will find a host of museums and education centers that teach more about oil, gas and coal resources. Can you learn more about the unique history of fossil fuels in Alberta?

  • Visit Leduc #1, the Oil Sands Discovery Centre or Turner Valley Gas Plant for more.

We’d love to see where your summer road trip takes you!

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