We are thrilled to share an update that Kathryn, our Program Director, received from STAR EcoWorks after they travelled to Tanzania to make a special delivery of a solar lantern made during an Inside Education solar lantern workshop. These hands-on interactive workshops allow students to work in small groups, building solar lantern kits as they evaluate sources of energy and investigate electrical technologies. 

You can learn more about our solar lantern workshops (and request one today!) by visiting the school programs section of our website.

Hello Kathryn,

I hope all is well at Inside Education. I’ve just returned from Tanzania where I had the pleasure of donating one of the Inside Education lanterns to a teacher at Imani Vocational Training Centre in Mtakuja, Kilimanjaro. The recipient is the electricity teacher at the school and his name is Sanze Mohamed. He was extremely pleased with the lantern and has plans to use it as a teaching tool for his students.

I’ve attached a few photos of Mr. Sanze receiving the lantern and of some electricity students huddled around a table while we conducted an impromptu Access to Energy session!

Philip Grace

Executive Director
STAR EcoWorks Energy Systems Inc.










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