So as the 2013-14 school year begin to slowly gear down, as the Spring (do we really have Spring in Alberta?) begins to really feel like Spring (though do we really have Spring in Alberta?), I took a minute this May Long Weekend, to jot down a few thoughts about Inside Education and the Inspiring Education process and curriculum redesign.

We at Inside Education have been fortunate over the past couple of months to speak to many people, and be involved in several consultation processes related to the redesign of the Alberta curriculum. We are really fortunate to have our good friend and Board Member Chris Sudyk at Alberta Education available to walk us through some of the complexities of the process, and help us think about where Inside Education can/should/will fit in when the new curriculum ‘rubber’ hits the proverbial road.

At the same time, it’s been unbelievably busy at Inside Education, even just since the Christmas break.

In these last five months we have:

  • Held our amazing Navigate Water Literacy Youth Summit at the Banff Centre,
  • Delivered two (soon to be three and four) of our award-winning multi-day Teacher PD programs,
  • Attended 8 teacher’s conventions,
  • Delivered our second Alberta’s Boreal Careers Project,
  • Hosted the Energize – Youth Energy Symposium for Edmonton area high schools
  • Kicked off our school field-trip programming – including a brand new program at the Evergreen field site in Grande Prairie

With all of this (and my staff will probably remind me that I’ve forgotten a few dozen other things), it occurred to me that there is something very important those of us in the curriculum-support world need to remember. At the same same as we are working diligently on the critical discussions on the future of our curriculum in Alberta, we need to remember that there is a curriculum for right NOW. Tens of thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of young people that have come to rely on us to help enrich their studies today.

While I believe the curriculum redesign is an incredible opportunity for a generational change, it’s important that we remember there is a CURRENT generation of excited, enthusiastic young people eager to learn about their place in the world today.

Even while we’re honoured to be a part of Inspiring Education and the important work being done for future generations, it is our pledge at Inside Education to not lose sight of this.

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