This education kit explores the science and issues related to water use in Alberta and now contains new information about climate change, energy development and stewardship. The resource includes a poster to project in your classroom, student worksheets and a teacher’s guide full of activities that will help you enrich this unit.

Running water poster pdf

Running water teacher's guide

Elementary Curriculum Connections
Grade 5 Social Studies: Physical Geography of Canada
Grade 5 Science: Wetland Ecosystems

Junior High Curriculum Connections
Grade 7 Science: Interactions and Ecosystems
Grade 8 Science: Freshwater and Saltwater Systems
Grade 9 Science: Environmental Chemistry Environmental Outdoor Education

High School Curriculum Connections
Science 14: Investigating Matter and Energy in the Environment
Science 20: Changes in Living Systems
Biology 20: Energy and Matter Exchange in the Biosphere, Ecosystems and Population Change
CTS: AGR 1100, AGR 3110

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