Petroleum Poster

This digital poster education kit examines the formation, location, exploration and production of petroleum, everyday products made from petroleum, and issues related to our use of this natural resource. The accompanying teacher’s guide provides background information and activities for students.
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Petroleum Worksheets - Elementary   Petroleum teacher's guide - Elementary
Elementary Curriculum Connections:
Grade 4 Social Studies: Alberta’s A Sense of the Land
Grade 5 Social Studies: Physical Geography of Canada

Junior High 

 Petroleum Worksheets - jr.high   Petroleum teacher's guide - jr.high
Junior High Curriculum Connections:
Grade 7 Science: Interactions and Ecosystems, Heat and Temperature, Planet Earth
Grade 8 Science: Mix and Flow of Matter, Mechanical Systems
Grade 9 Science: Matter and Chemical Change, Environmental Chemistry
Grade 9 Social Studies: Issues for Canadians

High School

 Petroleum Worksheets - sr.high    Petroleum teacher's guide - sr.high
High School Curriculum Connections:
Science 14: Investigating Matter and Energy in the Environment
Chemistry 20: Quantitative Relationships in Chemical Changes
Science 20: Chemical Changes
Science 24: Applications of Matter and Chemical Change, Understanding Common Energy Conversion Systems
Biology 20: Energy and Matter Exchange in the Biosphere
Chemistry 30: Chemical Changes of Organic Compounds
CALM 20: Career and Life Choices
CTSCareer Transitions 1010: Job Preparation

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