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Petroleum Field Trips

This video series takes your students behind the scenes of oil and gas development. Your hosts unlock the mystery of how petroleum was formed, how we find it, how we get it out of the ground and what we do with it once we get it.

Watch the online video series now:

Petroleum Field Trips
1 – Formation and Exploration
2 – Drilling and Containment
3 – Natural Gas
4 – Conventional Oil


NEW: This video series is now available in French!

Excursion en milieu petrolier
1 – Formation et exploration
2 – Forage et confinement
3 – Gaz naturel
4 – Petrol conventionnel

Curriculum Connections:
Grade 4 Social Studies: Alberta – A Sense of the Land
Grade 5 Social Studies: Physical Geography of Canada
Grade 7-9 Science

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