For the first time, Inside Education’s natural resource education turns its attention to mining in Alberta. This four-part poster series examines Alberta’s mining industry, the extraction process, natural resources hidden deep underground, the environmental and societal impacts, careers and more! The front of each poster is a stunning visual related to the topic, while the reverse of each poster goes into further detail.

Come see us at Teachers Conventions across Alberta to grab hard copies, or download and project these PDFs on to your SmartBoards.

Click link to download:
Mining: Introduction (PDF)
Mining: Environment & Society
Mining Poster: Processes of Mining (PDF)
Mining: Careers & Futures (PDF)

All Four Mining Poster series - ZIP File

Curriculum Connections
Grade 3 Science – Rocks and Minerals
Grade 4 Social Studies – Alberta: A Sense of the Land
Grades 5-9 – Career and Technology Foundations
Grade 7 Science – Planet Earth
Science 10 – Energy Flow in Technological Systems
Science 14 – Investigating Matter and Energy in the Environment
CTS Primary Resources

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