It’s Our Forest

This video series is designed to initiate discussion with your students on Alberta’s forest-related issues. This resource examines forest ecology, the human values of the forest, land-use planning and the people and products of the forestry industry. The accompanying teacher’s guide offers interactive activities to get your class engaged in critical thinking, considerate action and reflective practice needed to help them understand the value of the forest from multiple perspectives.

It's Our Forest teacher's Guide

You can view the full video, or each part separately, online here:

It's Our Forest - Full Video
Part 1: The Forest Ecosystem
Part 2: Human Values of the Forest
Part 3: Land-Use Planning
Part 4: People and Products

Vous pouvez visionner la vidéo complète, ou en partie séparée, en-ligne ici:

C'est notre forêt - Jouer tous les chapitres
Chapitre 1: Rôle des forêts dans l'écosystème
Chapitre 2: Valeurs humaines de la forêt
Chapitre 3: Planification
Chapitre 4: Population et produits

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