Forest Field Trip Tool Kit

Getting outside and experiencing forests is a valuable way for students to learn about the forest ecosystems and to develop a stewardship mindset for this resource and our environment. The Forest Field trip tool kit includes all the tools and instructions you need to lead your students through a discovery of your community forest areas. Explore wildlife, forestry, plant identification, soil science and environmental stewardship through the activities and worksheets in the Guide.

100 tool kits were made available to schools across Alberta through our  Forest and Wildlife Professional Development program. If you were unable to attend, we’ve got you covered! The guide includes instructions that do not require specialized equipment, so any class can use these activities.

This guide is split into 5 sections, each exploring an aspect of forests, forestry and wildlife in Alberta. The activities connect directly to the Alberta Program of Studies, with learning outcomes listed on the Curriculum Connections page. The tools required for each activity are conveniently in your backpack toolkit, and we have provided you instructions on how to use them.

Where possible, instructions for adapting the activities without the toolkit have been provided. This will allow for all of your students to stay engaged during the activities, and will allow you to share this resource with your colleagues.

Forest Field Trip Toolkit | Teacher's Guide

Activity 1 | Forest Report
Site Report - Worksheet   Forest Scavenger Hunt - Worksheet

Activity 2 | Plant Identification
What Tree Could I Be - Worksheet

Activity 3 | Tree Measurements
Tree Measurement - Worksheet

Activity 4 | Wildlife Habitat Assessment
Animal Evidence - Worksheet

Activity 5 | Soil Sampling
Soil Sampling - Worksheet

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