Experience the Energy

This activity uses 360° video technology to teach students about the natural resource industry and associated technologies in Northern Alberta. It is designed to be given to students to work on individually with minimal instructions. Students will need to access the Experience the Energy videos as well as the internet to do their own research, since most answers will not be found directly in the videos. Students will work through the worksheet or online quiz below to answer questions. 

– Students will investigate the oil and gas industry in Alberta through a series of 360° videos.
– Students will explore some of the technologies associated with the natural resource industries in Alberta, including mining, conventional and automated drilling, SAG-D, processing plants, and pipelines.


Experience the Energy videos
– Student instruction sheet OR Student Online Quiz

 60 minutes

Senior High

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Experience The Energy (Teacher)
  (PDF version
Experience The Energy (Student)  (PDF version

Experience The Energy Online Quiz (Student)

Version Française:
Découvrez l'énergie (Enseignants)   (PDF version
Découvrez l'énergie (Étudiants)  (PDF version
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