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Energy Education Tool Kit

Learning about energy is a valuable way for students to understand Alberta’s natural resource landscape and how it impacts our economy and environment. The Energy Education Tool Kit includes tools, activities and lessons adapted from Inside Education’s energy programs to create an immersive energy education experience for your students. This kit is split into 8 topics, each exploring a different aspect of energy in Alberta. Each topic has an introductory sheet, activities, and opportunities to “consider, connect and learn more”. 

These activities connect directly to the Alberta Program of Studies, with learning outcomes listed on the Curriculum Connections page. The tools required for each activity are in your Energy Education Tool Kit, and instructions on how to use them are included in the Toolkit itself. These activities are generally designed for a grade 4-9 audience and the materials are intended to last for a long time, so the kit can be used in multiple classrooms for years to come.

Energy Education Toolkit | Teacher's Guide Materials List & Sources

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