CARE Package

Stewardship is made up of 4 facets:  Cooperation, Action, Responsibility, and Education.  With this C.A.R.E Package you can help your students learn about each facet and discover easy ways to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and increase their knowledge about energy and climate change.

The newly expanded and updated CARE Package is the ultimate show and tell package designed to be used in a variety of classrooms, school situations and grade levels where the instructor would like to explore topics related to environmental stewardship. Over 28 items will help you and your students explore simple yet effective ways to conserve energy and water and reduce waste.  All of the items in the CARE kit are listed in the accompanying Teacher’s Guide guide, along with refreshing ideas for promoting stewardship in your school!

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We are so excited to hand deliver these special CARE Packages to your classroom as part of a no-cost school presentation on energy efficiency and  stewardship. That’s right: you get both a CARE Package and a school program in one. Talk about efficiency!

*All CARE kits have been allocated for this school year!

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