Carbon in your Community Forest

This activity asks students to go outside and measure some trees in their community. Students use measurements to come up with a rough estimate of the carbon that is stored within these trees. They will also explore how the amount of carbon stored in trees relates to the amount of carbon emitted by day-to-day activities and the co-benefits of urban forests.

– Students will take measurements of trees to estimate the amount of CO2 stored
– Students will recognize the role that trees play in carbon sequestration
– Students will understand the relationship between carbon emissions of daily activities and carbon storage in trees
– Students will explore their community and recognize the co-benefits of urban forests


– Optional – It’s Our Forest Video Part 1: The Forest Ecosystem
– Student instruction pages
– Student Activity Sheet
– Tape Measure or Ruler and String
Time | 60-90 minutes

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Carbon in your Community Forest (Teacher)
Carbon in your Community Forest (Student)
Carbon in your Community Forest (Activity Sheet)

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