A virtual journey of natural resource and environmental topics in Alberta. 

Wednesdays from 10:30am-11:15am


Log on for an interactive session with Inside Education as our team of professional educators lead you through our most popular online presentations. Each presentation will target a specific grade level based on curriculum, however students of all grade levels are welcome to register for any of the programs. 
Presentations will feature an overview of the topic, discussions with experts in the field, activities, live demonstrations. Your students will leave with new knowledge and ideas to connect with their local environment.
Programs are suitable for a class practicing physical distancing in their school, an online class or home learning environment.

Oct 21: Trees & Forests (grade 6)

Investigate the multiple perspectives that shape a working forest without leaving your home or classroom. This inquiry-based program will discuss the social, economic and environmental values of Alberta’s forests, alongside key issues and innovations that are changing our forest landscape.

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Oct 28: Natural Resources (grade 4)

This program is all about Alberta’s Natural Resources! Students will learn about the Natural Regions of Alberta, the process of extracting natural resources, and how we use natural resources for energy and products. The program will wrap up with a discussion about stewardship and how we can all work together to conserve natural resources.

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Nov 4: Electricity & Energy (grade 5)

From wind turbines to coal-fired power plants our electricity landscape is shaped by natural resources. Examine electricity from a Canadian perspective and learn how electricity is made, moved and connected to how we live, work and play.

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Nov 18: Water (grade 8)

Inside Education will guide your students through the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water while discussing how water quality and quantity are influenced by human actions. Learn about watersheds, contaminants, and stakeholders.\

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Nov 25: Agriculture (grade 7)

Inside Education can help you bring important Alberta-relevant context to your grade 7 plants for food and fibre unit with a hands-on inquiry into key agricultural topics! Students will explore the who, what and why of agriculture in Alberta.

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Dec 2: Environmental Chemistry (grade 9)

This interactive presentation will explore how natural and human factors influence local air and water quality. We will demonstrate how Alberta monitors and evaluates air and water quality for the health of both people and the environment.

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  • What program will be used for the webinars?
    • We will be using ZOOM webinars and YOUTUBE Live and will send the login details on the Monday before the webinar.
  • Do I need to download the software in advance?
    • We encourage you to download the app for full functionality however you can just join using link.
  • Do I need to use Zoom?
    • Not at all! We’ll be simultaneously livestreaming the event on our YouTube channel – we’ll be sending out a link with your registration to join in! Q&A/participation will be limited when participating this way.
  • Do I need an active microphone and camera?
    • You will not be on camera, however you can ‘Raise Your Hand’ to ask questions using the built in microphone on your computer. If you don’t have a microphone questions can always be asked in the chat box.
  • Will the webinars be recorded?
    • Yes. We will make the webinars available on this page as well as on our YouTube channel. If you register for a webinar but do not attend live we will email you the recorded version along with the supporting curriculum materials.


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