A citizen science plant monitoring project
in your own backyard!


Connecting to Inside Education’s Climate Change Education Initiatives and the Alberta Program of Studies, the PlantWatch program aims to develop understanding of local flora, traditional uses, plant growth, and climate change. With an emphasis on personal action through citizen science, this class based project will engage students in local issues while contributing meaningful data to a national citizen science database.

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The PlantWatch program is integrated into Inside Education no-cost forest field programs.

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What’s Involved

Inside Education Field Study

Using Inside Education’s approach of interaction and inquiry, students learn about a myriad of objectives from the Grade Four Science Topic: Plant Growth and Changes. We head outside for a guided field study to learn about the local flora and how bud and bloom times can be used to assess long term climate patterns. No adventure into the outdoors is complete without a couple games that tie in play and learning.

Citizen Science Monitoring Project

Schools get set up for their citizen science project during the field study. Once they know which local plants to monitor, they track the plants as the weather warms, looking for the date of first bloom and contribute their observations to a national database! By participating in real science that informs researchers across the globe students can know that their actions count.