Gregoire Lake Provincial Park

Wood Buffalo & Area

Program Themes
forest Ecosystems | natural resource development | tree measurements | land use and multiple perspectives | careers | trees and their products | stewardship

Welcome to our newest field site at Gregoire Lake Provincial Park located 35 km southeast of Fort McMurray, Alberta. This program allows students to explore a unique working forest through an exciting full-day, curriculum-based program.

This no-cost forest field trip is offered throughout May & June and runs from 10 am – 2 pm.
We can accommodate 1 or 2 classes per day. In some cases half of the day led by one of our professional educators and the other half by the teacher (teachers are provided activities and equipment to use on-site or can create their own half day curriculum).
A busing subsidy is also provided to help offset travel costs.

Available Programs 

Grade 4 

Explore the living cycle of the forest by studying plants, how they grow and the role of decomposition. Students will consider the forest as a natural resource and discover how people connect with local forests.  

Curriculum Connections:

  • Plant Growth and Changes
  • Waste in Our World
  • Alberta: A Sense of the Land

Grade 6 

Connect with the forest by examining the natural and human factors that shape the forest landscape. Students will identify our forest plants and use real forestry tools to explore a unique forestry career.

Curriculum Connections:

  •  Trees and Forests
  • Evidence and Investigations

Junior High 

Uncover the interactions in our forest ecosystems by exploring its symbiotic relationships, succession system, and soils along with traditional and modern human uses of our plants and natural resources.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Gr 7 Plants for Food and Fibre
  • Interactions and Ecosystems

Senior High

Compare old growth and new growth forests through a comprehensive plot study and explore the opportunities and challenges of a multi-use forest area.

Curriculum Connections:

  • CTS – Natural Resources – Forestry/Wildlife
  • Environment & Outdoor Education
  • Biology 20/30 Changes in Living Systems
  • Ecosystems and Population Change

Please inquire if you would like more detail or have a special program request.

If you have any questions, please contact program coordinator Laura Pekkola by email  or phone: 1-888-421-1497.