Learn to be “Energy Aware” and reduce your footprint

Take the 5% Energy Challenge and earn a CTS course credit

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Students selected by their school to be part of a youth leadership team that will be attending an Inside Education Youth Summit can also receive 1 credit towards their high school diploma. Through this opportunity, students in grades 9-12 are invited to partake in a Career and Technology Studies (CTS) course called “Residential Energy Auditing 101”.

In this course, students will become aware of the ways we use electricity, learn to read an energy bill, develop basic knowledge and skills in energy efficiency, and formulate an action plan to reduce their residential energy usage by 5%. Course work is done on the students own time but supported with experience and information presented at the Inside Education youth education summit. The course is conducted through an online google classroom, and students can begin and finish anytime throughout the school year.

The Residential Energy Auditing 101 course is developed and administered by Aaron Dublenko, a high school teacher and the INNOVATE coordinator for the Argyll Centre in the Edmonton Public School Board. The Energy Audit is the first in a series of courses designed to enhance energy education and reduce energy consumption as part of the “buildings that teach” initiative where school infrastructures and operators serve as learning tools for sustainable development.

Please contact Aaron Dublenko via email aaron.dublenko@epsb.ca or phone 780-267-4677 for more information or to register for this course.