Elementary Classroom Programs

Get your students together for a session that will inspire environmental stewardship using curriculum-relevant content!
All Inside Education classroom programs are available at no cost!

2021-22 Classroom Presentation Requests Open


Gr. 4 | Natural Resources

*in-person and online program description:
This program is all about Alberta’s Natural Resources! Students will learn about the Natural Regions of Alberta, the process of extracting natural resources, and how we use natural resources for energy and products. The program will wrap up with a discussion about stewardship and how we can all work together to conserve natural resources.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Grade 4 Social Studies: A Sense of the Land

Supporting Resources
Stewardship: Energy, Climate and You Education Kit
Petroleum Field Trip Videos
CARE Education Package
WISE Education kits


Gr. 5 | Electricity and Energy

*in-person and online program description:
From wind turbines to coal-fired power plants our electricity landscape is shaped by natural resources. Examine electricity from a Canadian perspective and learn how electricity is made, moved and connected to how we live, work and play.

Themes: electricity from natural resources, electricity generation, transmission, electrical safety, climate change, electricity use and energy conservation, efficiency and stewardship

Curriculum Connections:

  • Grade 5 Science – Electricity and Magnetism

Supporting Resources
Electricity Education
Stewardship: Energy, Climate and You Education Kit

Gr. 5 | Clean Air Responsible Schools (C.A.R.S)

*in-person and online program description:

An air quality and climate presentation with that will leave you inspired to participate in a school-based citizen science action project!

Connecting to Inside Education’s Climate Change Education Initiatives and the Alberta Program of Studies, the C.A.R.S. the program aims to develop understanding about air quality, emissions, and climate change. With an emphasis on personal action and citizen science, this class-based project will engage students in a local stewardship action while contributing meaningful data to a nation-wide citizen science campaign!

Curriculum Extensions:

  • Grade 5 Science – Weather Watch
  • Grade 5 Science – Classroom Chemistry


Gr. 5 | Wetlands

*in-person and online program description:
Let us take your class on an exploration of Alberta’s wetlands! The Wetlands program is closely aligned with the grade 5 science curriculum, and it covers why wetlands are important, the types of wetlands in Alberta, components of a wetland ecosystem, and wetland stewardship. We are also offering outdoor wetland field programs in the spring and fall –  details and request form found here. 

Curriculum Connections:

  • Grade 5 Science Wetland Ecosystems 

Supporting Resources
Running Water


Gr. 6 | Alberta’s Forests

*in-person and online program description:
Investigate the multiple perspectives that shape a working forest without leaving your classroom. This inquiry-based program will discuss the social, economic and environmental values of Alberta’s forests, alongside key issues and innovations that are changing our forest landscape.

Themes: forest ecosystems, careers, climate change, sustainable forest management, forestry tools, forest products, multiple land use, traditional knowledge and stewardship

We are also offering outdoor forest field programs in the spring and fall –  details and request form found here