Let us inspire your students!

Using our award-winning approach to environment and natural resource education, our team of educators will bring current and curriculum-relevant programs to your school. Based on our pillars of multiple perspectives and critical thinking, we will engage students in a thoughtful exploration of Alberta’s environment, natural resources, society and economy

Online Presentations
Available April – June 2020! 

Our team of enthusiastic educators is ready to visit your online classroom! We can deliver short presentations on any of our topics areas through google meet, zoom or other online platforms. Presentations will include an introduction to the topic, online activity, discussion and we will leave you with a challenge activity from our digital classroom!

2020-2021 School Year
Teacher Needs Survey

We are looking ahead to the 2020-2021 school year and want to know if you have any insights that will help us support you next year. Please take a moment to complete our teacher needs survey. We know the future is uncertain, but we would appreciate any input you might have so that we can direct our energy where it is most useful to you.


Project Based Learning & Citizen Science Programs

To continue the conversation and take your lessons to the next level check out our supporting
learning resources and teacher professional development programs