Let us inspire your students using our award-winning approach to environment and natural resource education.

Based on our pillars of multiple perspectives and critical thinking, our educators will engage students in a thoughtful exploration of Alberta’s environment, natural resources, society, and our economy.

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Junior High


Using the best practices, activities, and tools from Inside Education field programs we have put together a Teacher Field Trip Tool Kit that will equip you with everything you need to get outside and explore through walking field trips.


Pending COVID field trip restrictions, our team of educators hopes to lead your grades 4 – 12 classroom through a full or half-day experiential, curriculum-connected outdoor program at one of our 6 forest field sites across Alberta. Through hands-on participation, these fun outdoor programs encourage students to rediscover the ecosystems that exist in their very own backyards.

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Inside Education field studies operate during: May, June, September and October.


Please refer to our Field Programs FAQs  section for more specifics on how these programs run, including our busing subsidy and cancellation policy.