Dear Steve and colleagues,
What an amazing experience you provided July 2017. The value of this exceptional PD will benefit many classes I teach in the future with perhaps a more confident balance in teaching perspective. Though I had previous forest knowledge living in Hinton and having many friends and school field trips with my own children in the area, this time I really was able to pull some corners together that helped me see a more balanced picture. It is so easy to arrive at conclusions with bits and pieces of knowledge and we have a responsibility to present current information.
It  was so impressive seeing the overlap and inclusive way that each of the interest groups shared knowledge with one another to benefit the overall industry.
Being a bit more immersed in an environmental perspective even though from  a family of the oil and gas sector, I was wondering if there would be moments I would find a bit difficult. Really the only difficult moment was watching the trees come down so easily, but the new information of  a healthy cut block and healthy regrowth as we viewed was hopeful. This is timely because our next phase in schools is really to spend energy seeing the indigenous perspective which certainly varies though the understanding of connectedness to land and all things living and nonliving primary. The idea that this industry is very sustainable and looking to reclaim areas that are known  land issues like the building of roadways is quite encouraging as natives are not against development just non sustainable development or that which is land disrespectful.
That each individual from the Inside Ed team to the forestry, research, trapper, and Ag Minister loved their jobs and were quite proud representatives was energy I think so important especially to all the teachers at the end of their school year where typically they still love their own jobs but need to reconnect themselves with some nature and other knowledge ;even the most energetic teachers feel a bit tired the first of July. That the Inside Ed team so carefully connected the many areas of the industry and collaborated with so many stakeholders is more than impressive it is outstanding!
This trip was energizing and makes me want to go in an reconfigure areas of my plans in so many of the core subjects to connect my subjects further.
Lastly the most sincere thank you to the companies and organizations and educators for the investment of time , knowledge and dollars you have shared with these 25 teachers that they might better prepare the next generations is so very admirable and thoughtful. My message about this industry will be a more balanced and thoughtful approach because you have thought it important to teach us. This was some of the best PD I have encountered in a very long time and will certainly encourage our staff to consider this with enthusiastic energy!
Thank you,
Laurie Phillips

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