Have you ever been part of a powerful brainstorming session that has one great idea building onto another? Where you get to work alongside amazingly talented people and you think “yes, we’ve got it!” This is what it’s like working on the program plan at Inside Education. Putting together a year’s worth of engaging programming that will bring us closer to our vision of a future of engaged stewards who think critically about our environment and natural resources is some of the most rewarding work to be a part of at Inside Education.

In our Calgary office we have an entire wall painted with special whiteboard paint and every whiteboard marker colour you can think of; this is where we collaborate, we imagine, we explore and we create. We use the information gathered from feedback surveys, classroom teachers, partners, content experts and our long history of successful programs to put together a plan for the upcoming year that tackles tough issues while creating meaningful experiences that support teachers and inspire students. And I’m excited to share some of our plans with you!

We will take over 150 lucky teachers on a professional development opportunity of a lifetime during one of the following planned programs: 

  • Traditional Knowledge Education Program – April 23 & 24, Northern Alberta
  • Alternative & Renewable Energy Education Program – May 21-23, Medicine Hat
  • Species at Risk Education Summer Insititute – July 6-10, traveling program
  • Boreal Education Program – October 1-3, Grande Prairie
  • Western Canadian Oil Sands Careers Program – October 18-20, Fort McMurray

We have an amazing new solar lantern building workshop that rounds out our list of innovative classroom programs and we now have four established forest field demonstration sites across the province.

Our Youth Education Summits are now five years old, and these exceptional programs have become the cornerstone of our high school education offerings with Generate 2015, planning for Navigate 2016 and the growing popularity of the Alberta Boreal Careers Project that will give over 200 students the tools they need for their future.

Finally, you asked for it so here it is  – Elements! We will soon unveil a brand new web-based oil sands resource all about oil sands and the environment.

And that’s just some of what we have in store, 2015 is going to be a blast!

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