Edmonton Energy Efficiency – E3 –  Education Program 

December 9-10, 2015

Inside Education’s newly-launched Climate Change Education Program will build on our experience developing and delivering interactive, inquiry-based energy education programs for Edmonton area high school students as we entrench and expand this program offering to include Edmonton area junior high school students. The Edmonton Energy Efficiency education program will:

  • Build on Edmonton’s Community Energy Transition Strategy and introduce young people to Edmonton’s, Alberta’s and their own energy future;
  • Provide an opportunity for Edmonton students to explore real-world applications of energy efficiency technologies and insight into research related to energy consumption, efficiency, transportation and others;
  • Make a connection for students into the role of personal action in reducing energy consumption and the resultant greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Motivate young leaders to develop an education plan and work to implement this plan within their school

This program is designed for Junior and Senior High students and teachers in the Edmonton area. Thank you for your interest. The E3 program is fully subscribed and applications are now closed.


The E3 Education Program will occur over two days – with separate programming being held for junior high and high school audiences. In addition to a series of expert presentations and tours, hands-on interactive workshops will be held for students to feel even more connected to the issues and themes. Students will also have a chance to participate in the City of Edmonton’s Energy & Climate Change Conference planned for November 2015.


Students will experience Edmonton’s exemplary energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy installations. These will include, but are not limited to:

  • Landmark Homes Net-Zero projects
  • The Mosaic Centre
  • NAIT Alternative and Renewable Energy Lab
  • University of Alberta
  • Blatchford Community Development
  • Queen Elizabeth High School

By investigating Edmonton’s Community Energy Transition Strategy, students will understand their role in Edmonton’s energy future today and tomorrow; 

Each school will develop an education plan to creatively share what they learned with their classmates. Format for the plan will be up to each school but may include video presentations, Powerpoint/Prezi discussions with other students, invitation of guest speakers and others.



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Experience the possibilities: A new kind of careers education!

Join us for the Alberta Boreal Careers (ABC) Project • October 6-7, 2015 in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

With a growing number of career opportunities available to students it is important to provide them with the information they need to help them make career choices. For this we believe in the E’s – explore, experience and engage.

The ABC Project is a two-day experiential learning event for junior and senior high school students designed to investigate science, technology and careers in Alberta’s Boreal Region. This exceptional event will allow students to discover a myriad of career options & paths, learn about post-secondary requirements, have day-in-life experiences, meet leaders in the field and assess future employment possibilities.

We invite your school to bring a team of up to 8 students and 1-2 teachers together for Inside Education’s Alberta Boreal Careers Project. On the program your team will take part in a variety of field tours, job shadowing, hands-on workshops and panel discussions that will tell the stories of professionals working in energy and environment fields.

Application deadline: September 15, 2015
Participants will be notified of application status by September 21, 2015

Why Should You Attend? 


  • Understand your role in Alberta’s future
  • Boost your resume and explore career opportunities
  • Take learning beyond the classroom with real world experiences
  • Meet like-minded students from across Alberta
  • Have a ton of fun!


  • Enhance student learning & engagement
  • Participate in an exceptional learning environment
  • Deepen your understanding of opportunities in the boreal
  • Broaden your professional network
  • Gain ideas, resources and experience that will enhance your teaching

The program is all-expenses-paid and open to grade 7-12 students across Alberta.

For more information please visit our FAQs page for the ABC Project.

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Set sail for Navigate 2016!

Calling all Alberta’s young leaders and their teachers! Applications are now open for Navigate 2016!

Here’s your chance to make a significant impact in your school, community and province!

We invite you to be part of a fun, memorable, all-expenses-paid trip to Canmore, Alberta on March 10-13, 2016 where we will explore the most important environmental topics facing our province. 20 leadership teams comprised of four students and two teachers from high schools across Alberta will spend three days taking part in interactive sessions, workshops and activities.

After the summit, your team will put this amazing experience into action with projects designed to encourage awareness, understanding and excitement in your school or entire community.


To find out more information on this experience, check out our summary report from Navigate 2014.

Learn more about Navigate at www.navig8.ca


Generate 2015: Youth Energy Education Summit, held March 12-15, was an opportunity for high school students and teachers to learn together and advance energy education in Alberta. Teams gained exposure to multiple perspectives and the confidence to think critically and step forward as a leader of our energy future.

For more information, visit www.gener8.ca.