Traditional Knowledge Education Program

April 23 & 24 • Edmonton

Places, People and Perspectives

Our connection to the natural world is built on a shared story that connects the past, present and future. Traditional knowledge develops our understanding of the environment and plays a key role in shaping natural resource management decisions.

This dynamic program will bring together government, industry, environmental organizations, elders and the aboriginal community to advance our understanding of current and future environmental issues while highlighting cultural connections to our land, air and water. This experience will give you the knowledge, resources and confidence to guide your students – our stewards – with meaningful and locally relevant insight to natural resources and the environment.

Application Deadline: March 17  – APPLICATIONS CLOSED
Participants will be notified of application status by March 20

Open to Alberta teachers only. If you are a successful applicant, Inside Education will provide you with a full scholarship to attend the program. Your food, program travel, accommodations and all facility tours and workshops are all included in the scholarship. A stipend for your substitute teacher is also available to you, if required. More details can be found on our FAQs page.

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