Alternative and Renewable Energy Education Program

May 21-23, 2015 • Medicine Hat Area

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Renewable and alternative energy are changing the electricity conversation in Alberta. Join Inside Education on a professional development adventure down south to check out how solar, wind, biomass and natural gas are helping Alberta meet a growing demand for electricity while being mindful of our environment.

On this program you will learn about co-generation, solar farms, and biofuels while touring innovative energy centres, meeting with experts in the field and gaining insight into this rapidly changing area.

You’ll receive a copy of our newly-updated electricity poster and tons of great learning materials to help you share the experience with your students back in the classroom.

Application Deadline: April 22 • Applications are now closed
Participants will be notified of application status by May 4

Open to Alberta teachers only. If you are a successful applicant, Inside Education will provide you with a full scholarship to attend the program. Your food, program travel, accommodations and all facility tours and workshops are all included in the scholarship. A stipend for your substitute teachers is also available to you, if required. .

More details can be found on our FAQs page.

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