School & District Professional Development
Work with us to plan a special event for PD day!

Inside Education wants to visit with you and your colleagues and come to your Professional Development days. We are able to host workshops or shorter sessions on any of our natural resource and environment topics or spend some time introducing you to all of our programs and resources.

Check out our workshops below, or contact us to discuss designing a session that best fits your needs.

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Inspiring Natural Resource and Environmental Stewardship

Join Inside Education for this lively workshop that will energize your teaching, enhance your lessons and inspire your students. We will explore issues related to Alberta’s natural resources, their development and role in our future. Discover teaching resources, youth summits, class and field programming and full-scholarship professional development to engage you and your students – Alberta’s future stewards – in the opportunities and challenges related to our environment and natural resources. Ideal for divisions II – IV.

Exploring Energy Dialogues: Multiple perspectives through multimedia

Are you and your students overwhelmed by all the information out there about energy in Alberta? It can be daunting to sort through the wide variety of sources and perspectives to provide balanced lessons. Inside Education can help!

In this dynamic and inspiring session we will showcase Energy Dialogues, a new web-based interactive resource that features discussions on hydraulic fracturing, wind technology and more. We will energize your teaching with no-cost programs and learning materials. You will leave with innovative ideas you can use on Monday!

Our Electric Future: The buzz on current electricity issues

Do your electricity lessons need a boost? Inside Education will recharge your batteries with dynamic ideas to teach natural resource, energy and electricity concepts. This interactive session will:

  • Explore the natural resources contributing to Alberta’s electricity mix and discuss the opportunities and challenges of each.
  • Understand the complexities of electricity generation and transmission in the province.
  • Discover current and future trends as Alberta diversifies its electricity mix to incorporate green technologies.
  • Foster stewardship within your classroom and transform your lessons with electrifying ideas.