Join Inside Education for IceWatch

A school-based citizen science monitoring project

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This is a no-cost program open to GRADE 5 teachers in Edmonton. Spaces are limited.

Connecting to Inside Education’s Climate Change Education Initiatives and the Alberta Program of Studies, the IceWatch program aims to develop understanding of weather, climate change and stewardship. With an emphasis on personal action through citizen science, this class based project will engage students in local issues while contributing meaningful data to a national citizen science database.

What’s Involved?

  1. A half-day PD session – Wednesday April 5th
    Inside Education will introduce the program with a talk by a local expert, through information IMG_2503and education we will ensure each teacher is setup for success in the classroom.
  1. An Inside Education Classroom Presentation* & outdoor activity
    Spend a half-day learning with an Inside Education professional educator. The classroom presentation uses Inside Education’s approach of interaction and inquiry to learn about the objectives in the grade five weather watch science unit. An outdoor component take students outside the classroom to learn about weather while setting up the class with a citizen science monitoring project. No adventure into the outdoors is complete without a couple games that tie in play and learning. *Presentations will be delivered the last two weeks of April
  1. Easy-to-use materials to collect fall freeze and spring thaw data.
    Class and student observations will contribute to a national database monitoring freeze-thaw cycles of Northern water bodies. Students will be filling in gaps in the current monitoring network and helping to  monitor the effects of climate change on Canada’s ecosystems.

Curriculum connections: Grade 5 Science: Weather Watch

This program is made possible with the support of the City of Edmonton

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