Climate Change Education Project

Climate change has always been an important theme for Inside Education.

Our full suite of programs and learning materials incorporate the topic into environment and natural resource education in creative and meaningful ways. We know that the topic is becoming increasingly important in the classroom and we are here to support teachers in bringing the issues to the forefront of their lessons while inspiring students to participate in meaningful, community-based projects that empower growth and change in Alberta. With this we have made Climate Change Education a priority and plan to introduce the following programs in the coming year that will cover this important topic.

Student Programs

 C.A.R.S. (Clean Air Responsible Schools) program

A comprehensive look at climate change and community. Students will consider air quality, emissions reductions and stewardship action during the C.A.R.S. (Clean Air Responsible Schools) program that encompasses classroom presentations, a citizen science monitoring program and supporting learning materials.

Solar Lantern Building Workshop

A unique and hands-on Solar Lantern Building Workshop that encourages students to develop a global perspective and to be innovative in solving energy and electricity challenges.


With an emphasis on personal action through citizen science, this class-based project will engage students in local issues while contributing meaningful data to a national citizen science database.

A suite of classroom and field programs and energy and climate expo events that investigate key topics, encourage environmental stewardship and take a fun hands-on approach to learning.

Youth Education Summits

Experiential learning events that put students at the centre of climate conversations & innovations! These inspiring summits bring students, teachers and experts from across Alberta together to make a difference in their schools and communities.

Regional Youth Summits 

  • Edmonton Energy Efficiency Program
  • Calgary Climate Change Program
  • Wood Buffalo Student Sustainability Summit
  • Southern Alberta Awareness to Action Summit

Provincial Summits

Navigate: Youth Water & Environmental Leadership Summit

Generate: Youth Energy & Climate Leadership Summit

Learning Resources

  • The newly redesigned Running Water Education Poster highlights the connections between water and climate change.
  • The Electricity Poster Kit and Teachers Guide contains great visuals and tons of activities that help teachers explore the connection between electricity, energy and climate.
  • One of our most popular poster kits, Stewardship Energy Climate and You, discusses the relationship between energy and climate change with an emphasis on personal action.
  • The CARE Package is the ultimate show and tell package designed to be used in a variety of classrooms, school situations and grade levels where the instructor would like to explore topics related to environmental stewardship. Over 28 items will help you and your students explore simple yet effective ways to conserve energy and water and reduce waste.

Teacher Professional Development

Inside Education hosts 4 energy and climate focused professional development programs each year. The goal is to expose teachers to people, places and perspectives that can enrich their energy & climate lessons.

Check out our current suite of professional development opportunities here.