Inside Education is a registered Canadian charity.
This means that individuals can make donations to Inside Education and be eligible for a charitable tax receipt. 

Through our more than 30-years delivering energy, natural resources and environmental education programs in Alberta, some of our teacher friends and other supporters have asked how they might contribute financially to our organization and its mandate of supporting teachers and inspiring students!

This year there is a special reason for us to let our “Insiders” know there is an extra opportunity should you wish to provide a donation to our charity. We are partnering with the Birdies for Kids program, supported by AltaLink and offered in cooperation with the 2018 Shaw Charity Classic PGA Tour Champions Golf Tournament. Through this partnership, every donation provided to Inside Education is matched 50% by the Birdies for Kids program. A $25 donation means Inside Education will receive $37.50, a $100 donation means $150 and so on.
If you are so inclined, please click here to access the donation portal. On the right side of the page select ‘Participating Charity’ – you will find Inside Education there (alongside numerous other very worthy charities!)