Climate Change Education Project


Climate change has always been an important theme for Inside Education. Our full suite of programs and learning materials incorporate the topic into environment and natural resource education in creative and meaningful ways. We know that the topic is becoming increasingly important in the classroom and we are here to support teachers in bringing the issues to the forefront of their lessons while inspiring students to participate in meaningful, community-based projects that empower growth and change in Alberta. With this we have made Climate Change Education a priority and plan to introduce the following programs in the coming year that will cover this important topic.

Youth Education Summits

E3 Youth Summit – Edmonton Energy Efficiency Education Program
Energy – Efficiency – Edmonton

Navigate: Youth Water & Environmental Leadership Summit

  • Climate will be a major theme for sessions and action projects during our 6th annual high school summit in Canmore

Student Programs

  • A comprehensive look at climate change and community. Students will consider air quality, emissions reductions and stewardship action during the C.A.R.S. (Clean Air Responsible Schools) program that encompasses classroom presentations, a citizen science monitoring program and supporting learning materials.
  • A unique and hands-on Solar Lantern Building Workshop that encourages students to develop a global perspective and to be innovative in solving energy and electricity challenges.
  • PlantWatch – With an emphasis on personal action through citizen science, this class-based project will engage students in local issues while contributing meaningful data to a national citizen science database.

Learning Resources