Junior High Classroom Programs

Get your students together for a session that will inspire environmental stewardship using curriculum relevant content!
These programs are designed to be delivered in a multi-class format.

Electricity Challenge  – A Solar Lantern Building Project

Take your students on a critical thinking evaluation of electricity and get the big picture on generation and consumption. This unique 1.5 hour program will engage students in meaningful energy education through action. The program includes an interactive presentation and solar lantern building workshop.

  • Evaluate sources of energy and investigate electrical technologies
  • Develop a global energy perspective and think critically to solve electricity challenges
  • Work together to build solar lanterns as part of the STAR EcoWorks Leading Light ® Initiative that will see lanterns sent overseas at the end of the school year.

*Due to the number of solar lanterns available we suggest a maximum of 50 students per workshop

Curriculum Connections:

  • Grade 9 Science – Electrical Principles and Technologies
  • STSE Emphasis (Science, Technology, Society, Environment)

Supporting Resources: Electricity Poster Kit, Energy Dialogues – Wind Energy

Agriculture in Alberta  – Cultivating Stewardship

Inside Education can help you bring important Alberta-relevant context to your grade 7 plants for food and fibre unit with a hands-on inquiry into key agricultural topics! Students will explore the who, what and why of agriculture in Alberta and the balance between a growing population and sustainable agriculture practices.

Themes: food production – crops & livestock, issues & innovation, sustainability, careers

Curriculum Connections:

  • Grade 7 Science – Plants for Food & Fibre
  • Career & Technology Foundations (CTF)

Supporting Resources: Running Water Poster Kit, Nutrients For Life Garden Grant, Canadian Agriculture Literacy Week