Inside Education wants to help you bring energy and climate education to your school.

Our experienced team of educators are ready to energize your students with a hands-on exploration of key energy topics hosted right in your school!

We have a wide variety of curriculum enhancing, grade appropriate, station based activities; including solar energy demonstrations, wind turbine models, virtual reality goggles and more – check out the description of available stations below.

A full program includes 6-8 stations of your choice and takes approximately 1 hour to complete. We can accommodate up to 60 students at a time and multiple groups can work through the stations throughout the day. We are flexible on the format and will work within your space and bell schedule.

The best part is just like all of our programs we make our expos available at no cost to you!


How to book your expo in 3 easy steps:

  1. Get multiple classes in your school involved
  2. Select 6-8 stations that meet your learning objectives
  3. Request a program!

Here is an example of what’s possible:

8:30: Inside Education arrives and set up in the gym

9:30 – 10:00: Assembly style presentation introducing climate change and stewardship to Division 2 students

10:30 – 11:15: Grade 4’s circulate through stations

11:15 – 12:00:  Grade 5’s circulate through stations


1:00 – 1:45:  Grade 6’s circulate through stations

We have several interactive stations available, select the stations you would like highlighted during your event in the booking form.

A maximum of 60 students per session circulate between the stations you select based on your learning objectives.

Available Inquiry-based Stations:

CARE Package Energy Match

Using our CARE Package, identify how we can make a difference with easy energy efficiency and energy conservation tools and technology.

Suggested grade level: 4-9

Light up the Room

Build a circuit step-by-step in order to light up a solar-powered lantern.

Suggested grade level: 5-12

Heat based energy mapping

Using the myheat interactive website students will assess heat loss in their own home and create a visual display of their community impact.

Suggested Grade Levels: 7-12

School Requirements: computer and internet connection

The Power Play

How do we get from a natural resource like coal, natural gas or wind to turn the lights on in our house?  Learn about the transmission of electricity from the source to the switch.

Suggested grade level: 5-9

Watt’s Up

Test the watts produced by different common household appliances.

Suggested grade level: 5-12

Connect 4 Coal Challenge

Tick-tac-toe your way to the top with facts and questions about Alberta’s major electricity resource.

Suggested grade level: 4-9

Wind Turbine Technology

How tall is a turbine? Look way up and put your math skills to the test to find out just how big these turbines can get!

Suggested grade level: 7-12

Natural Resource Grab Bag

Alberta has several different natural resources that are used to make energy. Do you know which ones are renewable and which are non-renewable?

Suggested grade level: 4-7

Who's Got the Power

Test your knowledge of geography, natural resources and electricity with our interactive map that showcases the major sources of electricity in Canada.

Suggested grade level: 4-7

Safety & Careers

Strike a pose as students dress for success in the energy & climate sector.

Suggested grade level: 3-6

Eye Spy a Steward

What’s your role as a climate steward? Explore our stewardship and electricity posters to find out your climate connections!

Suggested grade level: 3-9

Water WISE

Use our Water Innovation Stewardship Kit to dive into water stewardship in your classroom and home!

Suggested grade level: 4-9

Race to the Sun

Race to the finish and learn about solar energy!

Suggested grade level: 5-12

Perhaps you are already hosting an environment day at your school?
We’d love to help! Talk to us about your event today.