Elementary Classroom Programs

Get your students together for a session that will inspire environmental stewardship using curriculum relevant content!
These programs are designed to be delivered in a multi-class format.

Gr. 4  | Natural Resources & Energy – Full for 2018/19


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Using Alberta’s natural regions as our map, we will explore natural resources and develop a deeper understanding of how we use and produce energy in Alberta and what we can do to conserve our natural resources.

Themes: renewable & non-renewable resources, Alberta’s natural regions, energy production, energy use, energy efficiency & conservation

Curriculum Connections:
* this presentation is well-suited to all students in grades 4-6 who are eager to learn more about what makes Alberta unique and be inspired to become environmental leaders in their schools!

  • Grade 4 Social Studies – Alberta: A Sense of the Land

Supporting Resources
Stewardship: Energy, Climate and You Education Kit
Petroleum Field Trip Videos
CARE Education Package
WISE Education kits

Gr. 5 | Electricity and Energy

From wind turbines to coal-fired power plants our electricity landscape is shaped by natural resources. Examine electricity from a Canadian perspective and learn how electricity is made, moved and connected to how we live, work and play.

Themes: electricity from natural resources, electricity generation, transmission, electrical safety, climate change, electricity use and energy conservation, efficiency and stewardship

Curriculum Connections:

  • Grade 5 Science – Electricity and Magnetism

Supporting Resources
Electricity Education
Stewardship: Energy, Climate and You Education Kit

Gr. 6 | Alberta’s Forests

Investigate the multiple perspectives that shape a working forest without leaving your classroom. This inquiry-based program will discuss the social, economic and environmental values of Alberta’s forests, alongside key issues and innovations that are changing our forest landscape.

Themes: forest ecosystems, careers, climate change, sustainable forest management, forestry tools, forest products, multiple land use, traditional knowledge and stewardship

Curriculum Connections:

  • Grade 6 Science – Trees & Forests

Supporting Resources
It’s Our Forest Video Series & Teachers Guide
Guide To Common Trees & Shrubs of Alberta
Between the Stands Digital Poster & Teachers Guide
Tools of the Trade Kit